The UVA Softphone is mobile, meaning the ability to place calls from your office phone number from anywhere. You can use the UVA SoftPhone App to integrate your office phone with your mobile/cell without showing callers your personal cell phone number. You’ll have voice mail and contacts on one device!  

The Softphone App fee ($1.60) and setup fee ($18.25). The Softphone app has a lower cost than maintaining desk phones ($36.34) monthly fee.  Budget manager approval required.

The App offers the same features as your desk top phone as described below:

  • Allows you to make and receive phone calls using a UVA phone number via mobile app (Android or iOS).
    • Support for Mac & Windows Cisco Webex apps coming later in 2021.
  • For users with an existing UVA VoIP desk phone, the app makes use of your current UVA phone number.
  • App login uses NetBadge single sign-on.
  • Dial-by-name allows you to place a call by searching smartphone contacts, as well as the UVA Telephone System directory.
  • Supports UVA Telephone System 5-digit dialing.
  • Supports video calls between UVA Softphone users.
  • Fully encrypted over the Internet.
  • Supports all the same customization options and features for call handling/delivery and voicemail that are available for VoIP desk phones through the University Telephone System Portal.

Here's how to request UVA Softphone: Submit the below details in your request and I’ll handle submit the request to ITS. (Also indicate if you want to retain your desk phone; you can turn this in at any time.) You'll receive an email from ITS after your account has been created, then you can download and install the app using the instructions.





Phone #:

Budget Manager Approval:  Email by department budget manager attached.